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  • Social skills
  • Attention and following directions
  • Number recognition and counting
  • Letter recognition and writing
  • Recognition of shapes and colours
  • Building sentences
  • Hand motor skills
  • Logical reasoning
  • Cognitive development

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Here's is What Parents Have To Say!

Esha Saini
(Mother - Utpal Sanghvi)

LTF worksheets have helped with my child's clarity on concepts in a fun way. I have noticed a tremendous change in the way he now retains knowledge of various concepts even if it is a level above his current curriculum. One to two worksheets a day does the trick. A must-have for every parent if u wish to see immediate changes in your child’s learning process. Kudos to you guys for coming up with such innovative worksheets.
Divya Joukani
(Mother - Oberoi Int School)

LTF worksheets are very interesting and are a boon for parents.Its helped in reducing my son's screen time.The subjects they have are super cool and my son loves them more than the other worksheets he does .All my friends to whom I have recommended the same, have thanked me.
Sonam Kataria

A boon for post-school activities, weekends, travel, birthday giveaways and especially during this lockdown😉
Shraddha Parekh
(Mother - Rbk Intl School)

Super handy worksheets especially during this lockdown, has helped keep my daughter occupied and constantly work her memory. A must for every parent who wants to help their child break free from their everyday home work.. Keep the worksheets coming !😬
Laveena Dia Sajnani
(Mother from Dubai)

I wanted to share a quick note that you guys do a really great job. I’m glad to have chosen your worksheets to add to my child’s free time over screen time.

Fun activities for kids by LTF

Little children are a really fun bunch. As kids, they are always curious and eager to learn about new things. This curiosity and constant eagerness should be cultivated in the best possible manner by introducing them to fun activities for kids to learn new things as they grow. When these kids are at home, they are restless and won’t just sit quietly. They always want to indulge in some or the other fun activity, otherwise they end up playing with their toys or watching TV, but these are not always the ideal activities for children. All responsible parents know that for the overall growth of their children, involving them in some kind of productive activity is the best way forward for their all-round development.

Among the many fun activities at home for kids, reading, writing, drawing, colouring, solving puzzles are some of the most prominent activities for children that instantly come to mind. Learning Through Fun has many books for your children and you can easily include them among the activities at home for kids to read, write, draw and learn, which also helps in increasing their general knowledge. LTF offers attractive sets of creative book bundles for toddlers, such as the Smart Toddlers Set, Whizz Kid Set and LTF Beginners Set which include the Alphabets and LTF Preschoolers books as part of the activities for toddlers.

As your kid grows, we have an even bigger array of book bundles like Fun with Characters, Science & Nature, Festivals of India, Animal Kingdom Set and the English, Maths & EVS Set, all of which can be included as part of education activities for kids above the age of 4. For the child’s personality development, we also have stories on the Hamley Family including Happy Birthday Hamley, both of which teach important moral values of compassion, empathy, responsibility and forgiveness through interactive stories.

All of these learning activities are designed for kids in such a way that they have some fun while they learn. These books and activities also act as a great assessment tool for understanding the logical reasoning skills, motor skills and cognitive development of your child. LTF has specially created these books so that they are included among the various activities for your kids to do at home.

Kids of today have a very short attention span. If they don’t find anything interesting or if it is not as per their liking, they get bored or distracted easily. The possibility of this happening is even more when the kids are at home. If they are not watching TV or playing with their toys, there are not many fun activities at home for kids to keep them occupied. But if there are fun activities for kids to do when they are at home, then there is high chance of them staying engaged to do something creative.

LTF has many books that can keep the kids occupied through creative activities while also helping them learn new things every day. Peppa Pig is a favourite character for a lot of little children. The character has its own TV show which is also a favourite among the kids. Having an entire book on Peppa Pig can be an attractive proposition for these kids. The kids already know Peppa Pig through the TV show and can further associate with the character through the LTF book which has pages filled with fun creative activities like, drawing, colouring and more, which are just as interesting as the on-screen character.

Another interesting LTF book is on Superheroes. Spiderman, Superman, Iron man, Hulk, Thor Wonder Woman… the list is nearly endless. These superheroes are like idols to the little kids and they are always excited to see them appear on anything they own. Having these characters in the books help the children to learn from the words of their superheroes along with some fun creative activities for kids.

LTF also has a book on Hindi which can be beneficial for the child in the long run as the kids largely speak with their peers in Hindi when they go to their nurseries and schools. Having to learn Hindi with creative activities will help them with a basic understanding of language spoken very commonly in the country. Another book on Riddles has the kids use their analytical skills to find the answer to various riddles. These are just some of the books that include activities to do at home for kids, along with learning something from it as well.

Education is a vital part of our lives. For kids, even more so, as it shapes their young minds and imbibes them with a firm foundation on which they go on and build their future career. But education doesn’t always mean textbooks and notebooks. Education can be fun, especially when it involves fun activities for kids to do while they learn. Having fun activities to do while learning increases children’s interest in studying.

Education activities for kids mostly consist of riddles, puzzles, quizzes and brain teasers, and LTF has a variety of books which contain all that along with a lot more fun activities for kids to do. Each book has its unique set of activities designed specifically to keep the children engaged and engrossed. These books help the kids in Letter recognition and writing, building sentences, enhances their speed and articulation, improves their reading readiness, and more.
The feature rich catalogue of LTF books contain books that cover multiple educational topics like, Amazing Animals that teaches them about the animal kingdom, Feathered Friends which has information on different birds, Under the Sea which introduces fishes and undersea creatures, Weather & Seasons lets them know about the climate, Transportation helps them in learning about attention and getting directions, Space and Solar System teaches them about the vast cosmos, Sports helps them know about competitive sports and games, Clock teaches them time and its importance, Continents and Oceans helps in learning Geography, and also General Awareness which has general knowledge, all of which are absolutely essential for the complete cognitive development of the children.

Along with all these books there some more important topics that LTF books cover like Maths Seniors, Brain Booster, Riddles, and Sudoku for Beginners, which help in decoding, effective reasoning and problem solving skills of children. Books like Phonetics as well as Grammar help in developing language skills of the kids. With LTF Books, education activities for kids are an effective way for them to learn while having fun.

As your children grow, their random scribbling and doodling turns into drawing and painting. These are the early signs of an interest towards arts and crafts for kids at such a young age. Little children are always buzzing with creativity. They need to be given an outlet to express this creativity to the fullest. LTF has a plethora of books that have pictures for kids to colour like Dinosaur, Unicorn and more. LTF Mandala is one such book that has many activities for children with the opportunity to fill the blank canvas of a mandala with their creative best.

Arts and crafts are a way for kids to practice their creative skills and helps in recognition of shapes and colours. These future Picassos and Da Vincis need a medium to showcase their skilful crafts and LTF books bring attractive creative activities for kids to express themselves. Other ways that kids can show their creativity is through using their imagination in the best way possible. They need not even fill just plain colours in the colouring books, but can instead use glitter, stickers, paper art. The opportunities for them are endless, and what matters is the outlet where they can express it. In the meanwhile, they get to learn new things while doing it which is the best part.

LTF Seed Pencils are our innovatively designed pencils which are eco-friendly. After these pencils have been used by the kids to write, draw, scribble, and what not, they can plant it in a pot and witness the growth of a beautiful plant. A unique home activity which the kids will definitely love to do. They can nurture the plant by watering it every day and witness the evolution of a plant with their own eyes. It can also be considered as part of learning art and craft for kids, as they get to have a first-hand experience of the art of gardening.

Toddlers are those kids that are between 12 to 36 months of age. These little bundles of joy are a delight to watch when they start to crawl and eventually learn to walk. The happiness of parents knows no bounds when they see that their little baby is slowly and steadily developing. This leads to a sudden realisation for parents that they must start with the pre-schooling of their kids. But there’s really no need to hurry to do that. With LTF’s books you can slowly and gradually introduce your little toddlers to fun little activities for kids.

LTF books for toddlers are for the age group of 2 - 4 years, and with these books come exciting activities for toddlers. Each book for this age group has been designed keeping in mind the tender young minds these little kids have. The content of these books are at the most basic level and have extremely easy activities for toddlers to do, without putting a burden on them. It’s a cute little collection of fun activities for these kids to start their educational journey at home itself before they get enrolled into playgroups, pre-schools and nurseries. The books for this age group consist of LTF Preschoolers, Alphabets, Animals and Birds, Fruits and Vegetables, Sea Creatures, and a book having the name Toddlers itself. All these books are filled with fun activities like find the odd one out, colour the shapes, match the pictures, and much more.

These books help your toddlers in taking their first steps in learning, all the while indulging in fun activities for kids, where they can enjoy their little activities and learn new things every day. It is also a handy bunch of books which help them get ready for the upcoming pre-schooling phase of their lives.

Nursery Class is the like the first step for a child when entering the academic environment. It is right after the child has crossed the playgroup level. While playgroups have become the norm these days, there still many parents who may prefer to keep their kids at home for a while longer and might enrol them directly for a nursery or pre-school. Nursery comes just before the Lower KG and Higher KG. So the activities for nursery class is different than those that come before or after the nursery level. Keeping this in mind, LTF has created content that can be of great benefit to kids studying in nursery.

All the books meant for toddlers can also be used for conducting activities for a nursery class. LTF Preschoolers, Alphabets, Animals and Birds, Fruits and Vegetables, Sea Creatures, are some of the books which cover all the basic aspects that a nursery going child needs to learn. Along with these two more books like Community Helpers which talks about important people in the society, and Math Juniors which contains easy mathematic problems, add to the overall understanding of the basic concepts for the children. What more, they get to do fun activities that kids of their age should do while learning. LTF believes in educating through engaging and entertaining content, and it is with this belief that we have curated these set of books.

Teachers at Nurseries and Pre-schools can use all of these books as a part of group or individual activities for their nursery class. These activities help the child in undergoing a transformational development, as these kids understand the basic subjects and concepts in a much more fun way.

Set of 4 books ₹ 999/-
Set of 6 books ₹ 1399/-
Set of 8 books ₹ 1699/-
Set of 10 books ₹ 1999/-
Special Edition - starting @ ₹ 499/-
* Delivery Charges ₹ 99/- across India

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