Fun with Characters


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Here's is What Parents Have To Say!

Esha Saini
(Mother - Utpal Sanghvi)

LTF worksheets have helped with my child's clarity on concepts in a fun way. I have noticed a tremendous change in the way he now retains knowledge of various concepts even if it is a level above his current curriculum. One to two worksheets a day does the trick. A must-have for every parent if u wish to see immediate changes in your child’s learning process. Kudos to you guys for coming up with such innovative worksheets.
Divya Joukani
(Mother - Oberoi Int School)

LTF worksheets are very interesting and are a boon for parents.Its helped in reducing my son's screen time.The subjects they have are super cool and my son loves them more than the other worksheets he does .All my friends to whom I have recommended the same, have thanked me.
Sonam Kataria

A boon for post-school activities, weekends, travel, birthday giveaways and especially during this lockdown😉
Shraddha Parekh
(Mother - Rbk Intl School)

Super handy worksheets especially during this lockdown, has helped keep my daughter occupied and constantly work her memory. A must for every parent who wants to help their child break free from their everyday home work.. Keep the worksheets coming !😬
Laveena Dia Sajnani
(Mother from Dubai)

I wanted to share a quick note that you guys do a really great job. I’m glad to have chosen your worksheets to add to my child’s free time over screen time.